Select List of Speaking and Workshop Topics

Personal/Relationship Issues

Get a Great Marriage

Spark a Satisfying Sex Life

10 Stupid Ways You Sabotage Your Sex Life (and how to STOP),

How to Talk So Your Spouse Will Listen

Know Your Personality Profile for Better Relationships

Is It a Guy Thing (or is he just a jerk)?

Sexless marriages

How to know when he is wrong for you

Modern Monogamy

Make Online Dating Work For You

Married to soon?

Financial Infidelity

Dealing with In-laws

Overcoming jealousy

Conquering Insecurity

Choosing the right career

Mid-life challenges

Where is God when Life hurts?

Depression in Marriage

Personal/Relationship Issues

Grief and Loss

Caring for your aging parents

Getting what you want in life

Personality types in relationships

Personality types in family

Family dynamics

Developing effective communication

Ending the Body Image Battle

Boundaries with In-Laws

Anger Management

Breaking bad habits

Gender differences

Finding the love of your life

Keeping the love in your lovelife

Achieving balance

Improving self-esteem

Getting to know yourself

Regaining your life after a break-up

Secrets of happily married couples

Affair-proof your marriage

Dealing with Deployment

Army Wives


Harried housemoms/hurried children

Effective discipline

Maintaining balance in the home

Prioritizing your marriage

Raising responsible children

Co-parenting with your ex

Coping with eating disorders

Single Parenting Stress

Recipe for a Smooth Blended Family

Age-appropriate ways to talk to your child about:



Peer Pressure

Facebook, Twitter, & Texting



7 Things Children Need

7 Things Your Gifted Child Needs

7 Things Your Special Needs Child Needs

Coping with ADHD

Getting your baby to sleep

Power struggles

No More Whining

The Cooperative Family